Optimize Your Research Process,
Create Value for Your Organization

Better, faster research, based on your existing resources

Effectively Integrates
With Your Systems

Organizational data becomes valuable structured data

Designed by Researchers,
For Researchers

Covers your needs & customized for comfort in moments

Time to Move On to a Truly
Professional Research Solution

Data+ is a smart solution that allows researchers to effectively record, manage and analyze clinical research data. A fully customizable platform which can be integrated with the organization’s systems and data, Data+ streamlines the research process and generates more value with the existing resources.

130+ Health Organizations Trust Data+


Upgrade Your Research

Data+ speeds up data entry, prevents errors, unifies and centralizes the data and processes.

Integration for High Efficiency

Organizational data becomes accessible as structured data, usable for research, with BI value.

We’re Here for You… Long Term

We’ve supported clients for over 6 years, in multiple sectors, including a major hospital & organizations.

Keeping Data Secure… Your Way.

Data+ keeps your data safe – in your own servers, or in the Cloud, using HIPAA compliant servers.

iso9001    iso27001   hipaa

Before Data+

Manual data entry that takes up endless work hours. Research cut off from organizational data. Searching for data in huge piles of paper. Entire days spent on programming Excel sheets usable only by experts.

With Data+

A streamlined digital/mobile process. All your organizational data integrated in your research. Advanced tools for managing and analyzing data. Simple filtered searches. Flexible customizable forms usable by anyone.

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IT Pros

Store all your research data in a single database for effective data management.



Work the way you need to - with efficiency, precision, independence and security.



Keep all your research data in one place. Get all your data structured for extra BI value.



Drive efficiency in your research process, with a user-friendly customizable system

Why Data+?

Because it offers 360° Support for Your Research
Customizable and Integrative

Data+ easily integrates with your systems, and allows you to create customized forms, adjust fields to your jargon, adapt all displays, and enjoy multi-language support.

Designed with Researchers in Mind

Data+ is constantly improved with feedback from the clinical field, making your job easier with smart queries and filters, team logs and an intuitive interface.

Patient Engagement Toolkit

Data+ helps you increase patient cooperation with follow-up tools like automatic updates, follow-ups, thank-you notes, newsletters and more.

With Data+, I can view research data in smart ways, and easily pull out any data I need without wasting precious time. One of its biggest pros is the proactive long-term support that includes building customized templates for us, months after we started using the system. The main reason we chose Data+ is its flexible customization possibilities, and its value for money.

Guy WissotskyUSP Engineer, OPKO Biologics

The system is very intuitive and offers all the functionalities you need. When I explained it to people, it didn’t take more than once

The system minimizes errors and prevents inconsistency. With hard copies, sometimes people would skip certain fields, whether intentionally or not. With Data+, that doesn’t happen. Also, you can always go back and correct any mistakes you made

In one of our departments, each process is different and requires different templates. NextStep built a custom feature that enables us to create our own templates independently, at any given time, which is a big advantage

One of Data+ biggest advantages is flexibility and simplicity. It doesn’t have hard-set limitations. I can perform any action without too much effort