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January 2016

Case Study with OPKO Biologics

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Company Overview

OPKO Health, Inc. is a diversified healthcare company that seeks to establish industry-leading positions in large, rapidly growing markets.

Opko’s diagnostics business includes Bio-Reference Laboratories, the nation’s third-largest clinical laboratory with a core genetic testing business and a 420-person salesforce. It also has pharmaceutical and biologics businesses as well as production and distribution assets worldwide.


Opko has held 300 pre-clinical trials as of now, with a complex set of relations between the different trials. Oftentimes, a single biological process continues as two separate sub-processes which need to be attributed to the original one, with P/Ns that indicate the connection.

The amount of information that needs to be documented and managed is extremely large, so eventually the company became overloaded with paperwork, folders and Excel spreadsheets containing product information.

Guy Wissotsky, USP Engineer, Opko: “The biggest problem came up when we needed to find highly specific data, and had to rummage through piles of papers. In one case, we worked around the clock for 3-4 days under pressure of a deadline. It was awful. After this crisis, we knew we had to prevent the next one. First, we tried building a huge Excel file that would contain all the information, but that was insufficient. The file was humongous, and just configuring the top titles was excruciating. Excel doesn’t offer a lot of essentials, such as intersecting data by filters, which required programming. Also, the file was too complex for just any team member to use. After that we tried using Access, which was also unsuitable, as well as developing an in-house solution, but that required a lot of resources. Finally, we decided to move on to a truly professional solution”.


Data+ serves Opko in building a repository of trial results, in order to optimize their process and medical products.

Data+ documents all the processes, results and trials, and lets Opko team view the information in any way they choose, and pull out relevant data conveniently and without searching through piles of paperwork. The system helps Opko team easily and effectively monitor their biological processes and their inter-connections.

Opko works with a custom-tailored Data+ system, built by the company to suit their needs.

OPKO Users Say…

“The system is very intuitive and offers all the functionalities you need. When I explained it to people, it didn’t take more than once”

“The system minimizes errors and prevents inconsistency. With hard copies, sometimes people would skip certain fields, whether intentionally or not. With Data+, that doesn’t happen. Also, you can always go back and correct any mistakes you made”

“In one of our departments, each process is different and requires different templates. NextStep built a custom feature that enables us to create our own templates independently, at any given time, which is a big advantage”

“One of Data+ biggest advantages is flexibility and simplicity. It doesn’t have hard-set limitations. I can perform any action without too much effort”