Data+ Research was chosen by the Israeli Ministry of Health, to computerize Israel’s National Biobank for Research – Midgam

By June 25, 2017Biobanks, Blog, PR

Data+ Research was chosen by the Israeli Ministry of Health, to computerize Israel’s National Biobank for Research – Midgam


Data+ Research signed a contract with the Israeli Ministry of Health and will be responsible for building the technological platform of Israel’s National Biobank for Research. The system, which has been installed in the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, will be incorporated in the remainder of the hospitals partnered in the National Biobank: Hadassah Medical Center, Sheba Medical Center and Rambam Health Care Campus.

In each of these hospitals exists a biobank where human biological samples from patients with cancer and other medical conditions are collected and stored. Establishing the national infrastructure will allow researchers to gain access to encoded biological samples that have been and are continued to be collected from many donors. The medical and demographical information derived from these samples is essential for the promotion of medical research, developing new drugs and treatments, identifying at-risk populations and detecting early signs of illness. Israel is now joining the most advanced countries in the world, which have in their possession a digitized national reserve of biological tissues for research purposes.

Dr. Yehudit Cohen, the scientific manager of the National Biobank “Midgam”, and who up until January 2016 managed the biobank in Sheba Medical Center, adds: “Midgam is a national platform, that allows the use of national resources while at the same time collaborating between hospitals, academic institutions and industrial companies. Midgam is a research tool that allows the collection, processing, documentation, preservation and the supply of high quality biological samples for scientific research. The samples collected for Midgam are available to R&D scientists in Israel, for the good of each individual patient and the public as a whole.

Dr. Yehudit Cohen

Likewise, the national reserve is striving to achieve the common goals of the different factors that constitute it, while emphasizing the principles of responsibility, professionalism, collaboration, excellency and transparency which are driven by the common objective of improving public health. As of today, in most instances, researchers in Israel still turn to similar biobanks in the western world, even though there’s a diverse population in Israel, and it’s possible to utilize local resources in an accessible reserve.

A main interest for Midgam is to make the Israeli samples accessible to researchers, and to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with varying illnesses. In fact, the sample reserve allows researchers to try and identify environmental or genetic factors which may influence disease susceptibility and development, and the response of “sick” and “healthy” cells to different treatments.

The digitizing of the biobank using Data+ Research, a system which has proven itself in the Sourasky Medical Center, upgrades our abilities in a significant way. We are happy to be given this opportunity”

Alon Michaeli, CEO of the company adds: “The world of medical research is overgoing significant changes and requires advanced infrastructures which are capable of supporting collection, processing and data analysis in large quantities, and from a variety of resources. Data+ Research specializes in the field of research, and allows organizations and research teams to manage all the studies in an efficient, independent and highly adjustable way. Our experience in the past few years, promises researchers and research teams an advanced and high quality solution.”

Alon Michaeli, Data+ Research, CEO

Data+ Research is a data management system that specializes in clinical research. The solution provides a custom interface, where researchers can collect data, produce insights, and integrate information from the EMR. Today, the system is used in over 180 sites worldwide. We are active in multiple areas, amongst – Patient Registries, Biobanks, Drug Development and other types of clinical trials.