Patient centered data collection made easy.

Have complete control over your database and collect patient data yourself or directly from the source.

Main Features and Their Benefits:

Unifying Systems

Spare the need for separate systems and fulfill all your research needs under one roof – EDC, LIMS and ePRO all in one.

Spend less time trying to juggle between several systems to accomplish one task and focus on the research.

Less integrations between separate systems means a stronger and safer research enterprise.

Training & Support Unity
One system that replaces several lets you avoid the need for multiple training & support people.

Empowering Users

Give your research team the ability to easily manage and uphold your studies.

No developers or technological knowledge needed to build and run your study.

With 24/7 chat support, online or in-person training and e-guides.

Optimized workflows
Enhance workflow with custom workscreens and a personalizable study layout design.

From a small, single-site database to an international registry, all are supported.

Engaging Patients

Engage your patients to increase study recruitment and prevent participant drop-out.

Increased Participation
With useful custom patient feedback, unique findings and frequent follow-ups.

Direct Communication
Adverse events and medication changes are reported as they happen.

More Data
Collect it yourself or let your patients answer surveys at a chosen and convenient time.

Managing and Measuring Success

Lead the way to accomplishing your goals and have full command over your data.

Data Clarity
Effortlessly filter, refine and search through any data in the system to quickly find answers to burning questions.

Aspire to succeed with live study data that will steer you in the right direction.

Gain a bird’s-eye view on all study activities like user productivity, site conduct, patient compliance and more.