Overcome the challenges of implementation.

Make life easier for your IT team

Regulatory Compliance

Up to date with the highest standards of compliance within the USA and Europe.

Simple System Requirements

One web server for all research – 2 core 4GB and SQL server 2012-2017, shared or private.

Flexible Deployment

Choose your prefered deployment, either on-site or cloud. On-site installation done within 4 hours.

Decreasing Price Plan

Pay less with each year of use.

API and Javascript Customization

Expand the system’s functionality independently, and integrate with internal systems.

Effortless Updates

Update your software to the latest version in a single click.

Complete Data Migration

Use powerful tools to migrate all of your data in Excel format.

Application Monitoring

Routine checks of the systems functionality.

Training & Support

Live online training, or detailed information in our help center and training videos. 24/7 support by chat, phone or ticketing system.

Real-Time Specifications

Specifications for each study are made directly in the system, saving time and extra work.