Lab Management Key Features

Storage Management

Create your virtual storage space based on your real-life freezers.

Freezer Builder
Define your freezer structure – shelves, racks and boxes.

Vial design
Assign your vials varying colors according to the different sample types.

Box Design
Choose the box size, define the cell numbering and designate its location.

Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Build your ELN with all the tools available in the study designer.

Drag and drop
Intuitive interface that lets you build your ELN quickly and easily to suit you and your team’s workflow.

Standard Operating Procedures
Use all the features of our builder to create your SOPs and maintain efficiency.

No need to preview, present the study you built exactly as designed.

Search through your samples using the patient and sample data available to find what you need.

Data Validation
Set limitations and requirement for every field to ensure your data’s accuracy.

Inventory Management

Have full control and manage your boxes and vials.

Virtual Freezer Box
Displays a visual representation of your freezer box.

Volume Tracker
Be alerted of how much sample is left in each vial.

Drag and Drop
Drag a vial to a vacant cell to change its location.

Vial & Sample Data
Add a description, or change the amount and placement of a sample at any time.

Automatic Locator
Automatically locate vacant cells in boxes for new vials.

Order handling

Be in the know about your samples – the what, who, where and when.

Order Forms
Design an order form with the precise information you need for your sample order procedure.

Shipment Manager
Divide your order into several shipments and manage all their details.

Order Request
Receive orders for samples from external sources using the order forms.

Sample Reserve
Have the ability to reserve a sample after an order request, and until the shipment is sent.

Sample Locator
Find the sample for the order request through the information entered in the order form.

Lab Management
powers these solutions


Cover all types of research, 
in all departments.


Pharma & Biotech

Accomplish the journey from R&D to market.



Provide the best service and lead the field.



Control all aspects of your biorepository.



Efficient lab operations and successful expirements.