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Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

One of the three largest hospitals in Israel, the Sourasky Medical Center is the birthplace of Data+ Research. Born out of the genuine needs of the hospitals’ researchers, it provides the solution for data management across many different studies and departments that include thousands of patients and millions of data-points.


OPKO Biologics

A clinical stage biotechnology company, Opko Biologics develops next-generation, bio-better, long-acting versions of therapeutic proteins and peptide drugs utilizing CTP and reversible PEGylation technologies. Helping manage and maintain order in their preclinical operations, Data+ Research streamlines Opkos biological processes and trials.


Israeli Ministry of Health

Advancing the field of medical research is one of the core duties of the Israeli Ministry of Health. With the help of Data+ Research, the ministry leads innovative projects to fulfill that goal, including Israel’s National Biobank and the collection of supplementary information for national health processes.


The Israeli Database of Biological Samples constitutes the national infrastructure for biomedical research in Israel. Data+ provides the technological foundation which allows Midgam to fulfill their goal of providing easily accessible information and samples for researchers across hospitals, academia, and industry.

VIVID Registry

With 150 collaborators around the globe, the valve-in-valve international data registry collects data on transcatheter heart valve replacement procedures. Fully utilizing Data+ Research, the data collected is used to create meaningful research to educate the interventional cardiology and surgical community on the procedure.