Our Story:

It was 2013, we were a software house that specializes in complex data management systems. The “Big Data” era just started accelerating, alongside the transformation of large enterprises to electronic data capturing. The rise of information has begun.

Some of our customers, well-known physicians and hospitals, were using the most advanced technologies to treat patients, but when it came to research, it looked like the 1990’s.

I realized that healthcare organizations, the largest stakeholders of medical data on earth, will have a crucial part in the future of medicine and caregivers. Why? Because the future of healthcare lies in personalized medicine, preventative care, evidence-based or decision support systems that are based on machine learning or deep learning. All those solutions are worthless, without data.

Data+ Research

In 2014 we started development and within a few months, we had our first MVP. The need in the market was loud and clear, we started selling immediately. We were continuously working with the researchers and managers to find out what they need the most.


We help healthcare organizations optimize research & development.

Company Facts:

  • Launched in 2015.
  • Used by researchers from 180+ sites worldwide.
  • Working with Hospitals, Biobanks, Registries and Biotechnology companies.
  • Won a contract with the Ministry of Health, to establish Israel’s National Biobank.
  • Our company is involved in medical research since 2012.

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Alon Michaeli
CEO / Founder

Matanya Fisheimer
Head of Development

Dr. Yaron Arbel
Medical Director

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